Baby it’s winter out there!

Oh my gosh…it is as beautiful as the Caribbean ocean but its as white as snow..oh it IS snow! We are loving it because we are the Winter Wonderland and we are living up to our name.

Its been slow here at the Inn but it gives us time to reflect on how to improve everything we do and also to just enjoy the slower pace.

I have been experimenting with new recipes and the guests staying here have been the test kitchen guineas and letting me know if its a thumbs up or not. I haven’t gotten a thumb’s down yet so that means we are cooking on the front burner and cooking with gas. The most recent trial-run breakfast was “eggs in purgatory” and our guests all raved about the unique tastes that were an unexpected breakfast pleasure. You can stop by for a taste of your own or email us and we will respond with the recipe. I love my job!

Oh, and I took this photo today. I’m thinking Nation Geographic will be calling soon because of my photo talents…ya think???

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