COVID-19 Challenges & Changes at Inn at the Park in South Haven MI

We find ourselves wandering around our Inn in South Haven, MI, wondering when we can open… and how we can open safely. The COVID-19 monster wants us to give up but we refuse. We have learned so much from this.

Yes, we can live in the same place with the same person for over 60 days. YIKES!!!  Yes, I can now make Internet videos for your viewing pleasure… you JUST wait! I have learned more about the geeky side of business in the last 60 days than I have my entire life.

But most of all, I have learned how much my guests mean to me and how they have impacted our lives. We love the Inn at the Park, but without our guests, it just isn’t that much fun. It’s beautiful but quiet. The gardens are blooming but no one is here to enjoy their beauty. The sunsets are awesome and here every night for people who are not.

Research tells us you are wanting close and safe getaways or staycations. Well, we’ve got that. Visit our website to read of the many things we are enhancing for your safety while Staying Safe, Staying Small, and Staying Inn.

Get back to living and begin to plan your next getaway to Inn at the Park… in your awesome guest room with luscious sheets, fresh brewed coffee whenever you want, farm-to-table breakfast in a dining room that has socially distanced tables, gardens longing for you to admire and sunsets screaming for you to brag about them.

Come stay and play ASAP. We beg of you… as do the gardens, the breakfast tables, the sunsets, AND the luscious sheets.

Two white wooden chairs a top of hill with plush trees behind and flowers on all sides.

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